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22 A Day Veterans Lives Matter Suicide Awareness is the greatest , most caring group of people I have ever met. 

I met Chris through a fellow veteran. 

I felt like just giving up, I didn’t ask for help.  I just messaged him because he said if you feel like you’re gonna do something, don’t, message me, I’m here for you (meaning all veterans). 

I was at my wits end. 

I live in a mobile home that’s been badly damaged by Hurricane Irma.  FEMA, and every other organization denied us help. I suffer from many disabilities, PTSD, TBI, neuropathy, migraines, COPD, asthma, depression, anxiety, among many others.  I have a husband and daughter (16 yr old) that live with me. I’m October of 2019, The 22 A Day Organization helped me out big time.  My husband had been out of work for over a year due to a severe back injury.  

My mobile home is full of toxic mold, we have only one working bathroom, no hot water, at the time we had no running water in our kitchen and had to fill up gallon water jugs to do dishes. We have mushrooms growing in our home, up through the floors, our roof leaks terribly, and when it rains, water comes in. I’m allergic to mold. Because of my asthma and COPD, it’s affecting my breathing.  I practically live on my nebulizer and inhalers. 

The organization put me, my husband and my daughter up in a hotel for a few days so we could get nice hot showers and I was able to get out of the toxic environment. They also did a fundraiser which raised a few thousand dollars and we were able to fix the pipe issues and get our kitchen sink back in working order as well as our hot water fixed.  I can’t thank the organization enough for helping my family out , especially when no one else would. Like I said, I was at the end of my rope, and the organization really did save my life. Just knowing that someone cared keeps me fighting another day. Thank you.