Our mission is to bring awareness to the horrible epidemic of veteran suicide.

To help veterans find a new mission in life as civilians and help them feel like they still have a purpose not only to themselves, but to others.

To assist veterans in getting all the benefits they have earned and deserve.

Chris LarsenChris grew up in Belfast, Maine where he would go on to graduate high school there. He has 4 kids and a beautiful wife. Enlisting in the army in 2007 as a combat engineer his career was cut short in 2011 when he was severely injured in a training exercise that resulted in TBI. He was eventually medically discharged in 2013 . He lost his best friend to suicide in 2011 which has been his driving force behind this organization.

Rebecca TibbettsBorn and raised in Maine, Becca has always been focused on giving back to community and helping others.  Graduating from St. Joseph’s college with a Bachelors in Psychology, she always wanted to help children and families dealing with mental health issues.  She worked on the children’s unit at Spring Harbor Hospital for several years as a psych tech before transitioning to a position as a case manager at a school for behavioral children. Next, she worked as an in-home support specialist working with families in homeless shelters, low-income housing, and traditional households teaching parenting skills and helping families access and coordinate resources around mental health, education, and medical needs.  After staying home for a year with her oldest son, she went into retail management and human resources for almost 10 years before settling into a new career as a real estate agent.  This mission is one that she is passionate about because of the years witnessing the holes in the mental health system.  Even one life saved is something to celebrate!    

Andrew DibbleAndrew has been with 22 A Day Veterans Lives Matter since 2021. Andrew spent eight years in the Marine Corps straight out of high school after which he got into the Telecom business inspecting cell phone towers. Andrew is the owner of Media by Dibs, a marketing organization, that creates advertisements and designs for a variety of different clientele. He also has/is working with minor league sports organizations such as the Glens Falls Dragons out of New York and the Gaylord Snow Hockey team out of Gaylord, MI.  Andrew also does designing and 3D mockups for a sports company, Unicorn Sports LLC.  At 22 A Day Veterans Lives Matter, Andrew's goal is to drive traffic and acknowledgement of a near and dear cause to him and to help the organization succeed, so that veteran suicide numbers get down to Zero! Andrew has his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Excelsior College and is currently completing his Masters in Digital Media at Northern Illinois University.  He currently lives in Upper Michigan with his wife, 3 dogs, 3 cats and has two children ages 5 and 9.